Bespoke Angels



Sadly this beauty is sold, should you wish to inquire regarding a bespoke angel, contact me there is an additional £15 charge (included in the £90.00) for this service. These Angels are the largest of my tree top angels, measuring 32cm and are best placed on a five foot plus tree.

They are all hand painted, made from vintage bobbin spools, the angels have cotton bloomers, felt embroidered wings and woollen bouffant hair.

Each angel is a complete one off due to the nature of there vintage decorations. Using a mixture of  doilies, lace and costume jewellery to give them the individual touch.

The nature of the vintage decoration means they can have signs of use but to me this adds to their individuality.

These are truly special pieces that I hope will become keepsakes for each owner.

These are not toys and should not be played with by children .



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